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Book Review | Michel Logue-Provost | The Rehab

The Rehab: Volume 1 (Apokalypse)

Author: Michel Logue-Provost
Title: The Rehab: Book One Of Apokalypse
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dystopian

Synopsis: In a world once ravaged by nuclear winter, with the last known city falling into turmoil, a brassy young police officer by the name of Frank William Fasaro strives to carry out his duties whilst struggling with serious questions about his past, eventually learning that nothing at all is quite as it seems. With the city in chaos, with the awoken growing bolder by the minute and his brothers in arms tied up in a losing war, he may not have the time that he needs to find the answers he's looking for. But those answers might just find him first. He may not realise it, but the clock is ticking. 
When Doctor Edward Munro's prime subject was scheduled for termination, first he was sad, then angry. The commission of Higher Sciences was throwing away his first, his baby, his point of pride. He'd spent over twenty years of his life working on that confounded program of theirs and was there from its very inception. For them to tear away the key element of his research when he was so close to finding a solution to all their problems was frustrating to no end. Unwilling to part with his life's work, this mild mannered curious little man will dig deep to find the courage and the allies that he needs to take back the work he started so long ago. And finish it. 
After an anonymously delivered package showed up on his desk, Captain Leonard Boston couldn't believe its contents. Someone wanted him to believe that one of his own was in league with the awoken. Sure, there's been rats in the agency before - that was nothing new - but this was someone he knew well. This was someone he respected, even if he did get on his last nerve sometimes. The video evidence all but painted the accused guilty and left the captain feeling sick to the stomach but he just couldn't accept what he was seeing. He didn't like it but he didn't really have a choice: he'd have to investigate. 

Review: At the start of the book I found it really hard to get into the story but I am glad that I stuck at reading it because by chapter three I was hooked and found it near to impossible to put the book down and stop reading. This book swaps between character storylines; I find this a truly interesting way to write and it managed to hook my attention and reel me further into the book. The changing character storylines make me want to keep reading to find out what is happening with each of the characters. 
I absolutely am in love with this book and I am absolutely honoured that the author sent me a signed copy for review otherwise I would not have known about this gem of a book. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys following character storylines intently and following multiple storylines at the same time. It is interesting that one chapter you can be reading about one character and then the next chapter snaps you away from that storyline into a completely different one. 
I just really enjoyed reading this book and can see myself enjoying it many more times in the future and sharing it with others so that they can enjoy it just as much as I did. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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