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Book Review | Lucia Mann | Rented Silence

Rented Silence: The Birthplace of Slavery (African Freedom Series)

I received this book for free from Lucia Mann. This book was sent to me through Amazon from the author for reviewing her other books in this series. Lucia sent me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and as a thank you for other positive reviews. 

Author: Lucia Mann
Title: Rented Silence
Genre: Fiction, Historical, Slavery

Synopsis: Two tiny newborns were buried alive in a compost pit, covered with corn husks and left to die. A hungry wild dog, saliva flowing, stood impatiently over the mound. As it started to dig out its prey, an escaped slave whooshed it away. Drawn by the sound of a weak human cry, the runaway cautiously approached the mournful whimper. What could provoke a new mother to bury her twin babies alive? A will to protect her children for the inescapable pain and horror of becoming chattel to an evil South African plantation owner. Experience post-WWII Africa through the eyes of characters who unearth the painful secrets of those times:

  • Shiya - a white newborn rescued from an intended grave, who lives five idyllic years in the bush before she is captured, tormented and eventually freed. 
  • Anele - the black runaway slave who saved Shiya's life and suffers the consequences for the rest of her days.
  • Alan Hallworthy - the wealthy, cruel plantation owner who lusts for the bodies of young girls, even that of his own five year old daughter.
  • Brianna - Shiya's modern day daughter who is mystified by her mothers secrets and never stops trying to reveal the truth.
Review: I would like to thank Lucia Mann for sending me another of her amazing books. So far I have truly all the books that I have received from Lucia and I cannot wait to own the rest of her books which I plan to buy in the near future. This was a very amazing read but I already knew that it would be based on her other books. I really enjoy the writing style of Lucia and how brilliantly she portrays the emotions of the characters without actually saying what they are feeling. I would highly recommend this and all Lucia Mann books to any avid reader with an interest in historical fiction and the days of slavery. This set of books really opens your eyes to the despicable acts committed against people just because they were black or where not of the same background of the slavers. It also makes you realise how horrible it must have been to be persecuted and made to feel less than human just because of your skin colour and nationality. In my opinion all people should be treated as equals no matter what the colour of their skin or where in the world they originate from. Not one life is worth more than another. Being respectful and accepting of all people is what the world needs. Lucia Mann books will always be a part of my book collection and I will most likely read them many, many more times as the years pass by.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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