Friday, 29 May 2015

Book Review | Stephenie Meyer | Eclipse

Eclipse (Twilight Saga)

Author: Stephenie Meyer
Title: Eclipse
Genre: Young Adult, Fiction

Seattle is being ravaged by a huge amount of mysterious killings and a vampire continues her plans for revenge against Edward by trying to kill Bella. This leaves Bella surrounded by danger and whilst she is worrying about her safety she is forced to choose between her love for Edward, the vampire, and her friendship with Jacob, the werewolf, who are natural enemies. Bella knows her decision had the potential to increase the struggle between vampires and werewolves. Bella is due to graduate and she has to make the decision between life or death.

As with the first two twilight books it took me a couple of chapters to get into the book properly but then I was gripped and just couldn’t bring myself to stop reading and put the book down. This book is perfect for young adults or anyone who is interested in romance, fiction or supernatural tales as this book is a mixture of all three themes. The plot line follows on from the previous two books and the plot of them all together makes the perfect supernatural romance story line that can keep people hooked for days or even weeks. I recommend this book set even if Twilight never appealed to you as I gave it a chance after thinking it would be a bad story line and absolutely loved them and I am now onto the last book of the set.

Book Location: Forks, Washington, America
Star Rating: 5 out of 5

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