Friday, 11 September 2015

Book Review | SJ HIggins | The Dark Side Of Chemistry

The Dark Side Of Chemistry (The Chemistry Series Book 1)

Author: S.J Higgins
Title: The Dark Side Of Chemistry
Genre: Romance, Fiction

Synopsis: When Trent is given orders to leave his lab and to deploy to Afghanistan to test a highly confidential and dangerous serum which he has developed, Skyla can’t shake the feeling that the life she has with strong, dependable, loving, Trent is about to irrevocably change.
Her fears are soon realized when an unknown enemy, intent on revenge, grabs hold of hers, Trent’s and Trent’s unpredictable brother Jensen’s lives and plays puppet master.
A dangerous formula, a well kept secret, love and passion will change the course of three people’s lives more than they would ever have dreamed, or feared, possible.

Review: This was an excellent book that I just could not stop reading. I finished this book the day that I started reading it. This is an excellent fictional romance story that will keep anyone who enjoys romance stories attention for hours on end. I would recommend this book to enjoy who enjoys getting lost in a good book. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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