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Book Promo | John Grayson Heide | The Flight Of The Pickerings

Title: The Flight of the Pickerings
Author: John Grayson Heide
Pages 329
Genre  Literary Fiction

Book Synopsis

Guy Pickering has the biggest problem of his life. Dorothy, the only woman he’s ever loved, suffers with pain and dementia and has only weeks to live.   Years ago, she made it clear to Guy that he is expected to put her out of her misery if she ever got to this stage. And he just can’t bring himself to do it. With love and honor in heart and a dread of loneliness, he decides to go with her and saunter into the afterlife beside his wife.   A plan is hatched, but Guy is not good at this sort of thing and everything is further complicated by a rebellious teenage grandson that shows up unexpectedly and a fame hungry reporter that chases them in front of a world-wide audience. Much to Guy’s frustration, Life keeps getting in the way of death.

Author Info

The Flight of the Pickerings is based on a dream which came at a time of extreme stress in John's life.
He was living in paradise (Hawaii) and watching his life savings evaporate.  Negativity abounded, but the dream/story would not let go and John felt the increasing need to write it out.  In writing, his life re-focused on bigger and better aspects and helped him move on. The process of crafting a novel has many ups and downs, but for John, it was almost as if he had no choice.  The story needed to be told and after 8 years of steady re-writing, he's finally happy to share it.
Some people will appreciate the book and the underlying message of life and its sacredness.  Also death, and its own brand of sacredness.   Some people might take the story as an endorsement for suicide.  This is not the intention of the book.   The highest good this book might foster would be a brave and intelligent discussion among families regarding end of life issues.  As Clint Eastwood’s character said in the movie Unforgiven  “We all got it comin’ ".
John Grayson Heide now lives on top of a mountain near Sonoma, California enjoying too much sun, his forgiving wife and an array of wild birds he cannot identify.

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