Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Book Review | Gina LoBiondo | Pegasus A Dragon's Tale

{ [ PEGASUS -- A DRAGON'S TALE ] } By Lobiondo, Gina (Author) Jul-25-2011 [ Paperback ]

Author: Gina LoBiondo
TitlePegasus A Dragon’s Tale
Genre: Children’s, Fiction

Synopsis: For hundreds of years tales of dragons have been told and cherished. What child hasn't wished to have his or her own dragon or to fight the great fire-breathers? Pegasus - A Dragon's Tale is the delightful, heart-warming story of two young bear cubs and the dragon they find that changes their lives forever.

Review: This is an excellent children’s book and it would be the perfect book for any child to enjoy during the day or as a bedtime story. This is a timeless book that I can imagine children through the years enjoying.

Star rating:  5 out of 5 

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